Transdermal Pain Management
for Difficult to Treat Conditions


  • Non-Narcotic
  • Non-Addictive
  • Non-Sedating
  • Minimal Adverse Side Effects
  • Minimal Drug Interaction Risk
  • Minimal Hepatic, Renal, & GI Exposure
  • Most Insurance Accepted

Welcome to RX Pro Pharmacy & Compounding

With over 30 years of combined pharmacy compounding, RX Pro is an excellent source to meet patient’s specific pharmaceutical needs. We specialize in creating effective topical compounded medicines to treat a variety of ailments and symptoms. Our topical formulations include pain management, scar care, wound care, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal. RX Pro’s formulations are customized using high quality ingredients available from Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA) and other compounding suppliers. Our compounds are tested by a DEA registered lab to ensure the sterility and quality of our compounds.

  • Need a medication that is no longer commercially available?
  • Prefer not to take medications orally?
  • Allergic to or intolerant of an ingredient commonly found in the commercially manufactured form of a medication?
  • Have difficulty swallowing pills, capsules or tablets?
  • Have a hard-to-treat condition that does not respond to off-the-shelf prescriptions?
  • Have to take a medication that has a very unpleasant flavor?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, an experienced RX Pro compounding pharmacist can create a personalized medication, tailored just for you!!!


Our vision

Our vision is to improve lives by offering superior, safe and affordable compounds to alleviate pain, heal wounds, diminish scars and provide solutions for additional medical conditions.

Our Responsibility

Our responsibility is to provide a service that improves health and well-being for patients. We are committed to building trust and confidence with our partners, healthcare providers and patients.  RX Pro devotes time and resources to guarantee that we govern ourselves in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and policies.

Our core values

Our core values are driven by the desire to improve patient’s lives by creating quality health solutions. RX Pro recognizes the importance of respectable healthcare, therefore we are committed to operating with the highest standards of service, reliability, integrity and transparency to improve health and well-being of patients. We strive to provide unmatched service to healthcare providers and patients.

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